Gloria has the drive, the passion, the personality, the intellect, and the intangibles to be successful at anything she chooses to do. She is one of those exceptional people that when they take on a task, whether it is her daily activities or a new venture or a new line of business she invests all of herself into everything to make her proficient and a professional in that field. She learns quickly and her past experiences have instilled lessons and success strategies that carry over to any endeavor. I feel fortunate to have known her and to have worked with her. Her integrity, passion, and insight have had a profound effect on both my professional and personal life.

Scott Bumba
JPMorgan Chase

I’ve been a client of Gloria’s for several years and each week I look forward to our sessions.  Though I’ve been working with her for years, she  always brings something new to the conversations and I am happily surprised with the topics we discuss.
Just when I think I may not have anything new to share…. WOW! There it is! From out of the blue, something comes to Gloria that changes my perception of myself or the world around me.  I always leave our sessions feeling uplifted and empowered for improving my week and beyond.  Not only has Gloria made a difference in my life, but the changes in me have affected my family and friends as well.
I would highly recommend Gloria as a Life Coach to everyone!

Julie Hayes,
Chicago, Illinois

Gloria is an amazing a unique health and wellness focused person. She practices what she preaches and is always up to date on new ideas and technology in her field.

I highly recommend her for your health and wellness consultant!

CEO of Concept Inc

I’ve had my chart read by Gloria last summer and it was by far the most in depth, accurate reading I’ve ever had. It was not only very insightful but helped me overcome several fears that were holding me back. Through reading my chart she was able to help me navigate through the rough time I was having and I was able to look towards the future with hope and excitement. Gloria is the real deal and I would [and have!!] recommend her to anyone!!

Erin Perry

If you have ever had an astrology chart done, you likely didn’t have it explained to you or what any of it means. Gloria includes detailed reports and consulting in regard to what she reads in the charts. You will not meet anyone more specific or spot on with any report! Gloria has been doing my charts for years now and it has been a game changer for me! I am able to see things more clearly in my life and it is all due the guidance I have gotten from Gloria interpreting my charts!

Angie Reiter
Licensed and board certified massage therapist and instructor

I had the honor of being a guest on Gloria’s radio program to discuss the efforts of our local non profit organization. The experience was one that I will remember forever. Gloria possesses a warm, calming, and welcoming spirit that becomes evident the moment you meet her. Her faith is evident as is her true sense of caring about others. What an amazing platform her radio show is and what a treasure she is to our community. Thank you Gloria, keep doing what you do!

Radio Host & Public Speaker:
Joseph Murray MBA LSSBB

I am very excited to attend any engagement that Gloria is speaking at. Her passion, enthusiasm, and real life experiences, clearly make her real, her belief is real, and her message is real. I highly recommend Gloria to present to any audience or individual who are seeking to make a difference in their personal lives or career. Gloria empowers me even more each week to ensure that I am very clear on my reasoning and purpose in life. Thank you Gloria for all that you give.

Dr. Jon Hartman, Ph.D

I highly recommend Gloria Ponziano as a speaker who charms, motivates, captivates the audience. She has a wonderful intuitive style that reveals a variety of topics in a way that people can relate. I knew Gloria in Toastmasters where she gave expressive speeches, reaching out to others, inspiring them to go to their full potential.

Rhoda Rose Olson, DTM MBA
President of Sarasota Herald Tribune Toastmasters International

Gloria is a very talented speaker and trainer who brings passion, professionalism and expertise to all her presentations. I highly recommend her skills to any organization.”

Gary Roberts, DTM
Corporate Entertainer, Comedian, Speaker

For nearly eight years, my husband Frank and I tried to conceive a child but were unsuccessful.  Discouraged and frustrated, we decided to incorporate the aid of the fertility drug, Clomid, but after six months, I still could not conceive.

We then tried artificial insemination but after two failed attempts, decided to give my body a “break” before trying a third time. It was during this rest period that I became pregnant but later faced a heartbreaking miscarriage.

Several months after our third failed attempt at insemination, I spoke with Gloria Ponziano, whom I had known for years. She was living in Florida where she was working with a compounding pharmacist, helping men and women with hormonal imbalances. The results experienced by her clients were quite impressive.  She suggested I take a hormone saliva test to see if it would reveal my fertility problems. But we had already invested in the non-refundable fertility drugs and couldn’t afford to let it go to waste.

A year later, Gloria returned to the Chicago area where we met for a consultation.  She explained the simplicity of the test which would be done throughout my monthly cycle, in the privacy of my home and then Federal Expressed to the laboratory.

I’ll admit to being a little skeptical that a hormone test could help, but after enduring painful shots, negative side effects from fertility drugs, and the heartbreak of a miscarriage, our desire to have a child warranted one more try at something that might help us conceive.

On July 28, 2005 I met with Gloria for a consultation after the test results were back. It indeed showed a hormonal imbalance that was compounded even more so by the fertility drugs. She felt confident we could bring my body back into balance within 5-6 months which would therefore increase my chances of conception.

Sure enough, less than six months later, I was pregnant!  We were thrilled! About the eighth week into the first trimester, I began bleeding very heavily.  Fearing another miscarriage, I was grateful when Gloria just happened to phone me that morning. In a state of panic I told her what was happening and she advised that I apply the Progesterone cream the pharmacist had compounded for me. Before the day was over, the bleeding had stopped. The next day, an ultrasound performed by my doctor confirmed there were no complications and the baby was fine.  Our little boy was born Sept. 14, 2006 and we are thrilled!

There were no complications throughout my pregnancy and Gloria has assisted me in keeping my body in balance to avoid postpartum depression that can sometimes take place after childbirth.

Whether you’re trying to get pregnant or are experiencing negative changes in your body, you owe it to yourself to meet Gloria Ponziano for a consultation. It was an answered prayer for us.

Rita and Frank Tsione
Palos Park, Illinois

“Why would anyone need a life coach?” is the question I was asked when I told friends and family of my decision to hire Gloria Ponziano, a life coach who I had come to respect and admire, after reading her articles in a local newspaper. My immediate response was, “why not?”  I needed help getting some areas of my life on track. I relied on myself for years but was not getting anywhere. I needed someone other than myself that I could be accountable to. I needed someone to kick my butt, and just as importantly, someone to cheer me on. Why not my own personal cheerleader?

So, I took the initiative in January 2008 and made contact with Gloria.  Little did I know the ride I was in for would be life-altering. With a goal of getting in shape for a Fall trip to Greece, with Gloria’s insistence and motivation, I changed my eating habits and committed myself to more movement and activity in my life. Even when I would stomp my feet that I didn’t want to give up sweets or walk 3 miles, Gloria was there with a firm kick to my backside, paralleled by inspiration and motivation to keep going.  She has an incredible way of making you feel good about yourself even when you are in the midst of a dark mood. She helps you to see, with clarity, the astonishing qualities you possess and encourages you to challenge negative beliefs in favor of a more positive, healthy view of who you are. She listens with passion and intent to your words and provides comfort when things are tough. She also has an incredible way of lifting you out of your despair.

Gloria and I have been working together for more than a year now. I’ve lost over 60 pounds and have taken fried foods, candy and soda completely out of my diet. But just as important, I continue my journey to live life in accordance with my God-given purpose – to be an inspiration to others (as Gloria has been to me) by spreading love.

Gloria helps me to “get out of my own way.” She has assisted me in removing barriers that keep me from accomplishing my goals. She has provided new perspectives that I otherwise would not have considered. She attentively listens without judgment. She challenges me, encourages me and supports me.

I have a long way to go in accomplishing other goals I’ve set for myself but with Gloria coaching me and cheering me on, my successes are guaranteed. So when someone asks, “why would anyone need a life coach?” my response is “because you can’t afford not to have one.”  

Alexandra Glumac
College Instructor/Workshop Facilitator

Chicago, Illinois